• Mel King
    Melvin Herbert King was an American politician, community organizer, and educator best known for being the first Black mayoral finalist in Boston’s history, receiving a strong 20 percent of the ballots cast by white voters. King attended Claflin University in Orangeburg, where he was captain of the football team graduating in 1951 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a year later received a master’s in education from Boston Teachers College. He taught at two local high schools before bec...  more
  • Randall Robinson
    Randall Robinson was an American lawyer, author and activist best known for his Anti-Apartheid stance and for championing the payment of reparations for the descendants of slaves. Robinson attended Norfolk State College on a basketball scholarship and subsequently graduated from Harvard Law School. After graduation he became a civil rights attorney in Boston before working for U.S. Congressman Bill Clay in 1975 and as administrative assistant to Congressman Charles Diggs the following year. In ...  more
  • Judith Ellen Heumann
    Judith Ellen Heumann was an American disability rights activist best known for spending decades of her life attacking a political establishment indifferent to the rights of disabled people, which led to the development of human rights legislation and policies benefiting children and adults with disabilities.
    Heumann was not born disabled but she contracted polio at 18 months, which confined her to the wheelchair for the rest of her life. Growing up she faced discrimination in public schools wh...  more
  • Betty Lee Sung
    Betty Lee Sung was an American activist, author, and professor at City University of New York( CUNY). She was the founding professor of Asian American Studies program focusing on Asian diaspora at CUNY. She was also the author of nine books. Sung was born in Baltimore, Maryland to Chinese immigrant parents who left their country after the Japanese invasion. She credits her interest in the history of Chinese Americans to have been shaped by her own experience as a child of Chinese immigrant paren...  more
  • Adolfo Kaminsky
    Adolfo or Adolphe Kaminsky was an Argentine-born member of the French Resistance, specializing in the forgery of identity documents. He was regarded as the world's best forger creating documents that saved tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazis, spies and freedom fighters. What is so incredible about this is he did it for free, he was a forger and counterfeiter for purely humanitarian reasons. Kaminsky was born in Argentina and when he was 7 years old he and his family moved to Paris. During h...  more
  • Charlene Alexander Mitchell
    Charlene Alexander Mitchell was an American international socialist, feminist, labor and civil rights activist. She was the first black woman to run for president as a Communist party candidate in 1968. She was well known for her activism work like leading the activism campaign to free Angela Davis. Mitchell was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. At 16 she joined the Communist party and also joined the youth branch called American Youth for Democracy when she was 13. She started her activism work in the ...  more
  • Cecilia Suyat Marshall
    Cecilia Suyat Marshal was an American civil rights activist and historian. She was married to Thurgood Marshall the first African-American U.S. Supreme Court Justice. She attended the University of Columbia to become a stenographer but ended up becoming the private secretary of Dr Gloster B Current the head of NAACP from 1948 to 1955. She participated in the historic Brown v. Board of Education case. Marshall’s life is featured in the National Museum of African American History and Culture at th...  more
  • Hebe María Pastor de Bonafini
    Hebe Maria Pastor de Bonafini was an Argentine activist and founder of Mothers of Piazza di Maggio an association that has been fighting for the rights of people who disappeared during the civic-millitary dictatorship, and their families. The association was founded in 1979 and since then up to the time of her death Bonafini was the president of the association. She demanded all of the forced disappearances to be counted including her sons and in 1982 she organised a March of resistance along A...  more
  • Bao Tong
    Bao Tong was Chinese writer and activist, who was a Director of the Office of Political Reform of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Policy Secretary of Zhao Ziyang. Tong was also director of the Drafting Committee of for the CCP 13th party which was known for its strong support of market reform and opening under Deng Xiapong. He wrote articles and he also appealed for the restoration of civil and political rights of Zhao Ziyang from 1998 until Zhao’s death. He wa...  more
  • Nafis Sadik
    Nafis Sadik was a Pakistan human rights activist and an obstetrician, who led groundbreaking effect to put women rights at the heart of the global population debate. The focused and selfless Nafis was appointed as U.N population fund assistant executive director in 1977 and 10 years later became the first woman to lead a major U.N agency as an Executive director. Nafis was known as the proud “Champion of Choice” and tireless advocate for women’s health, rights, and empowerment.

    She earned her ...  more
  • Mya Thwe Thwe Khaing
    Mya Thwe Thwe Khaing was a 19 year-old political activist who was brutally executed by riot police during a significant protest in the Burmese capital of Naypyidaw. Her tragic death was the first known fatality in the 2021 Myanmar coup d'état, galvanizing anti-coup demonstrators. Just days before her 20th birthday, the young woman was hiding under a bus shelter, taking cover from water cannons, when officers ruthlessly fired a shot into her head. The incident was caught on camera. Although K...  more
  • Robert Sam Anson
    Robert Sam Anson was a renowned American journalist, author, and seasoned editor who will be greatly remembered as a contributing editor to Vanity Fair for over 20 years. Robert was known for his immersive stories about ex-presidents, social change and conflict, including his own captivity by North Vietnamese forces in Cambodia, He authored about six Non-fiction books and other American magazines. Anson's grandfather, Sam B. Anson, was also a renowned media personality in the city's journalism i...  more