• Alice Shalvi
    Alice Shalvi was a renowned Israeli professor, Educator and feminist who was often regarded and
    revered by many as a founding mother of modern Jewish feminism in Israel. She played a leading role in
    progressive Jewish education for girls and advancing the status of women an well as advocating for
    equal treatment for women in marriage, employment, education and more. Shalvi was born in Germany
    and moved to England with her family in 1934 to escape the rise of Nazism. After completing her
    edu...  more
  • Cicely Tyson
    Cicely Tyson was a stage, screen and television actress whose vivid portrayals of strong African-American women shattered racial stereotypes in the dramatic arts of the 1970s, propelling her to stardom and fame as an exemplar for civil rights. In a remarkable career of seven decades, Ms. Tyson broke ground for serious black actors by refusing to take parts that demeaned black people. Cicely Tyson won two Emmys for her performance in the 1974 civil rights-era film The Autobiography of Miss Jane P...  more
  • Joan Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose legal career in the fight for women’s rights, equal rights and human dignity culminated with her ascent to the U.S. Supreme Court, was a cultural hero and arguably the most beloved justice in American history. Ginsburg’s protection of equality and the advancement of the rights of all people, particularly women, helped to transform American society.

    Working at the American Civil Liberties Union in 1972, she founded the Women’s Rights Project. She researched and argued...  more