• Eleanor Rosalynn Carter
    Eleanor Rosalynn Carter, was an American writer and activist who served as the first lady of the United
    States from 1977 to 1981, as the wife of President Jimmy Carter. She was best known for being a leading
    advocate for women's rights and mental health. Carter married Jimmy Carter in 1946, after graduating
    from college and their partnership would come to define much of her public life. She became First Lady
    from 1977 to 1981 during President Jimmy Carter’s administration. Carter is credited...  more
  • Martti Oiva Kalevi Ahtisaari
    Martti Oiva Kalevi Ahtisaari, was a prominent Finnish politician and a respected international diplomat
    best know for serving as the tenth president of Finland and winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Ahtisaari
    began his career as a schoolteacher before joining the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1965. He
    quickly rose through the ranks and became Finland's ambassador to Tanzania in 1973. In the late 1970s, Ahtisaari played a crucial role in mediating the Namibian War of Independence, which ...  more
  • László Sólyom
    László Sólyom was a prominent Hungarian political figure, lawyer, and librarian best known for serving as the President of Hungary who left a lasting impact on the country's political landscape. Sólyom began his career as a lawyer, specializing in constitutional law. He also served as a librarian at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In 1989, Sólyom became involved in the political transition in Hungary, serving as an advisor to the round table talks that led to the country's first free election...  more
  • Giorgio Napolitano
    Giorgio Napolitano was a prominent Italian politician best known for Serving as the President of Italy from 2006 to 2015. He was the longest-serving and longest-lived president in the history of the Italian Republic. Napolitano's political career began in the aftermath of World War II, where he actively participated in the anti-fascist resistance movement. He was a member of the Italian Communist Party (PCI) and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming one of the party's leading figures. Napolit...  more
  • Mukarram Jah
    Nizam Mir Barkat Ali Khan Siddiqi Mukarram Jah, Asaf Jah VIII, also known as Mukarram Jah, was the titular Nizam of Hyderabad between 1967 and 1971, a descended from famed Islamic royalty in India and Turkey, who later fled to Australia and became a sheep farmer. Jah was the eldest son of Azam Jah and Dürrüşehvar Sultan and was named successor to the title of Nizam of Hyderabad by Mir Osman Ali Khan his grandfather. He became the titular Nizam after his grandfather's death in 1967. Following 26t...  more
  • Álvaro Colom Caballeros
    Álvaro Colom Caballeros was an engineer and businessman who served as the 47th Guatemalan President for one term from 2008 to 2012. . His term was marked by putting the country’s forgotten Indigenous communities at the center of his government, by expanding access to education and health care in Indigenous villages. He also provided aid to the poor in a country scarred by deep inequalities and decades of civil war. Caballeros was born in Guatemala City, the fourth of five children and earned a d...  more
  • Pervez Musharraf
    Pervez Musharraf was a Pakistani general known for seizing power in 1999 and ruling the Muslim-majority nation for nine years as president and was however ousted for his policies he put in place that supported the United States' war on terrorism in 2008. After finishing his college education at Forman Christian College where he studied mathematic, Musharraf joined the Pakistani military and was commissioned into the artillery regiment of the Pakistan Army in 1964. During his service in the army...  more
  • Constantine II of Greece
    Constantine II was the last King of Greece, reigning from 6 March 1964 until the abolition of the Greek monarchy on 1 June 1973 before being exiled. Constantine was born in Anthens, Greece, he was the only son of King Paul and Queen Frederica of Greece. During the second world war his family was forced into exile hence he spent his early years in Egypt and South Africa. Before he ascended to the throne he was a competitive sailor and Olympian, winning a gold medal in the 1960 Rome Olympics in th...  more
  • Jose Eduardo dos Santos
    Jose Eduardo Dos Santos was a renowned Angolan President who served from 1979 to 2017. He was also commander in chief of the Angolan armed forces and holds a record of being the longest serving President of Angola . He is a great contributor towards the liberation of black people from apartheid rule and supported liberation movements in Southern Africa.

    Santos came from humble beginnings, born to a bricklayer in an impoverished town of Luanda Angola on 28 August 1942.His journey to greatness...  more
  • Carlos Saul Menem
    Carlos Saul Menem was a renowned lawyer and driven politician who served as Argentina’s 44th president from 1989-1999 and as Senator of his beloved La Rioja Province from 2005 until his recent death. Menem was born to two Syrian refugees who immigrated to Argentina before his birth. Raised Muslim, Carlos later converted to Roman Catholicism. As a liberal Peronist, his political strategies came to be known as “Menemism”. The leader was captured and deposed during the 1976 Argentine coup d&apo...  more
  • Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa
    Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa was Prime Minister of Bahrain since its independence from Britain in 1971. Khalifa played a central role in building the govt administration, modernizing its structures, and personally recruiting its leading personnel. He was a businessman with land and other interests in Bahrain, Southeast Asia, and the U.K., and was the wealthiest individual within the kingdom.

    Khalifa bin Salman was born in Al Jasra and was the second of three sons of Shaykh Salman bin H...  more
  • Amadou Toumani Touré
    Colonel Amadou Toumani Toure supervised Mali’s multiparty elections as chairman of the transitional government in 1991 and was the second democratically elected President of Mali 2002-2012. Amadou Toumani Touré was the head of President Moussa Traore security guard until a popular revolution overthrew the regime in March 1991. He arrested the president, led the revolution and oversaw the military to civilian transition that brought about a new constitution and multiparty elections. He then hande...  more